What YOU need to know about the FUTURE

Dear Friends even as we celebrate the NEW YEAR …… our spirits have been curtailed by the alarming COVID spread over the last few days due (apparently) to a BUS CRAWL.Now just a few hours ago Capitol Hill was overwhelmed by protesters and the voting meeting had to be abruptly halted in the interests of the safety of the Senators and Congressmen.Dear friends cant you realize what is happening to our world ? Can you not realize that these things were predicted long ago and are inevitable ? Can you not see that the wickedness of people has to ultimately lead to problems ? IT CANNOT and WILL NOT “end well” …… rather this is just the beginning of the end ….. and much worse is yet to happen in this world as “wickedness and evil” becomes more widespread.How can a person have PEACE and JOY ….. instead of FEAR and DESPAIR ?Only TWO ways…… either they intentionally turn a “blind eye” to what is going on around them and try to avoid being involved (until this becomes impossible).OR they allow GOD to change their lives and give them a NEW PERSPECTIVE on the situation.We are continually warned in the Bible that we are NOT to get “too attached” to this world …… and to become more focused of GOD and HIS plan for us …… ONLY in GOD can we have PEACE in the midst of turmoil …. and JOY in the face of deprivation.I like my comforts and pleasant life just like you and everybody else …… and I certainly don’t want them taken away……. but I realize that God is the only one who can help me.We can only have PEACE and JOY when we TRUST HIM concerning these matters…… we brought nothing into this world and we can carry nothing out ….. somehow people seem to FORGET THAT FACT during most of their life.The Prophecy says that the time will come when “people beg the rocks to fall on them” ….. and men will “seek death and not be able to find it”……. dear friends NONE of us want to be around when that time comes…… your ONLY HOPE is with GOD ….. for HE ALONE has the power to DELIVER ….. PROTECT ….. PROVIDE and care for His saints who are in the earth.I beg you ….. do not wait till you are DYING to seek for His mercy and help ……. TODAY if you will hear His voice …. Harden not your heart ……. that it may be well with you in 2021.You have no guarantee of anything …… give yourself to Him and TRUST His mercy which is everlasting……. we have the eternal promise though “heaven and earth pass away yet His word will never fail”……… and throughout the entire Bible you will find the promise …….. “Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the LORD”No matter what happens ….. you CANNOT “go wrong” TRUSTING GOD …… FAITH is your most precious resource in the crazy world of 2021….. I hope you will come to realize this for yourself.