A person is righteous…. when they have walked in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless (Luke 1:6)… but they are not sinless (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

How does this relate to  Christians today ?

Every Christian SHOULD be led by God (Romans 8:14)….  why are so many of them seeking to be led by man ?…. because they are not hearing from God, and they are not hearing from God because they are not righteous…. they are not taking the time to spend with Him OR because there is something that they value more highly than God (some idol  in their lives).

It is a COP OUT….. it is so much easier to let some other person connect with God and bring back the Word for them to follow….  they PREFER to be led by man, because it’s “less work” for them…. they can get ahead with their worldly agendas and only need to spare an hour on Sunday (or Saturday… depending on their perspective on the Sabbath)

But what happens if the priest, minister or reverend is NOT righteous…. then all these people (his congregation) end up DECEIVED…. because he is no longer “in contact” with God….. and this is exactly how all the various cults have started !

God’s desire is for fellowship with  ALL His creation…. but He also accepts those who look to ministers for guidance (Exodus 20:19), because He knows the heart….  He knows all the reasons WHY individual people do what they do.

We (who know the Lord personally) have a great RESPONSIBILITY to GUIDE others in “paths of righteousness”….. all who have misused their position of “intimacy with God” for their own purposes have committed Satan’s original sin (and you can read about that HERE)