1 Thessalonians 5:18,  “IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS, for this is the will of God….. ”

Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to God”

Ephesians 5:20, “GIVING THANKS ALWAYS for all things unto God…..”

Are you a THANKFUL person ?…. or are you always full of “problems”…. do you know that people go from one problem to the next ?? ….. no sooner have they got one problem solved (or one prayer answered) than they are on to another one…. their life is an endless stream of MISERY and DISSATISFACTION and they spend all their time going from one problem to the next…. does that sound like you ?

How can you be thankful when something “bad” happens during your day ?…… in reality, you can ALWAYS BE THANKFUL…. if you CHOOSE to be…. because things could be so MUCH WORSE…. and besides, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for…. you just CHOSE to focus your attention on your “problem” INSTEAD of thinking of all the wonderful things God has done for you recently and all the disasters you have been spared.

Are you healthy ? … then you already have more than half the humans on this planet !

Do you have your sight and hearing ?…. all your hands and feet intact ?….. then your problems must be quite insignificant when compared to what problems some “other” people must have.

The world is full of UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE….. because humans are NOT teaching their children to be THANKFUL

The children of today ar given everything they want….. and this solves NOTHING….. WHY ?…… because it brings NO SATISFACTION….. as fast as you give then them what they want…. they find another “want”….  BASIC ANIMAL NATURE….  greedy humans never have enough, they always want MORE….. they need TRAINING from YOUNG…. they need to be TAUGHT APPRECIATION and THANKFULLNESS….. and this can only come about by a bit of  DISCIPLINE and DELAYED GRATIFICATION…. going WITHOUT for a while is the best way to learn APPRECIATION.

The world is in  A MESS….. humans have corrupted their way on this planet….  every need must be met INSTANTLY…… every pain MEDICATED IMMEDIATELY….. and you know what  ? ….. it is all actually FUTILE….. because it is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to remove suffering and hardship from this earth…. therefore SOMEBODY got to suffer at SOME time….. therefore THANK GOD that it is not you today….. and if you should feel that it is you today, then look around you…. read the paper…. or watch the news…. it wont be long before you find somebody in a WORSE state than yourself…. then you can THANK God  that you are not them….. even as you pray for them in their Poor, Pathetic and Painful circumstances.

PUT A STOP TO YOUR GREEDY WAYS…… have you got a house ?…. then be satisfied with it….  and DONT ENVY the neighbors next door with the swimming pool because in a few years they may be desperate to sell when something worse befalls them…..  many people have no house at all.

have you got a car that works ? ….. then STOP wanting the new model in the showroom…  it probably wont last as long as your current model anyhow…. and what’s the point of a “fancy car” that dont work ???

1 Timothy 6:6, “but godliness WITH CONTENTMENT is great gain”

Hebrews 13:5, “let your manner of life be without covetousness, AND BE CONTENT WITH SUCH THINGS AS YOU HAVE…..”


Always wanting more stuff keeps you MISERABLE….. no matter how much stuff you may acquire…..

The millionaires leave whole warehouses of it behind when they die…. and what good did it do them ?…. they got so much that they do not even remember what they have… and yet they go on getting MORE… untill the day that they die…… and the people with less always envying them for what they have….. so the both are MISERABLE….. dont make no difference if they got or if they dont got.

ENJOY what you HAVE and BE SATISFIED…… is contrary to the whole way of life in the western world…..  but it is the way to JOY and HAPPINESS….

EVERY DAY BRINGS NEW BLESSINGS FROM GOD to countless ungrateful humans on this planet…… DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM……..