What will it be like when you actually meet Jesus Christ in person ?

For His saints, it will be as if….. they have known Him all along…. because through prayer and Scripture and in their lives they have been with Him many times before… though not in the flesh.

For the blasphemers, mockers and scoffers….. will they be able to do it to His face ? ….. or will they tremble in fear and terror.

For the ritual religious ….. will they even recognize who He is ?

Every human being will meet Jesus Christ eventually.

Jesus is the judge of all mankind… and the only way to God….. just as He said to Philip (John 14:9) “he that has seen me has seen the Father” and John 15:24 “they both seen and hated both me and my Father”

There is such religious confusion in the world today that many people think they are serving God…. when in reality they are serving themselves and their own desires…. or worse, they are actually serving the Devil and doing Satan’s work for him.

Far too many people are banking on the love of Jesus when, in reality, they do not love Him…… how can a person be indifferent to the love of God and then hope to escape judgement ?

Hebrews 2:3 warns us “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation”

The very first Commandment is to LOVE GOD….. and the real problem in the world today is that people expect Him to love them and somehow tolerate their wickedness…. when they have no love for Him whatsoever.

There is no salvation apart from REPENTANCE of sin and turning to GOD….. because no matter how much love God has for sinners …. he is simply not going to ‘overlook’ their sin…… otherwise Jesus would not have had to go through what he did and all that He suffered.

The suffering of Jesus Christ on this Earth is the greatest evidence of both the certain salvation of the saints and certain destruction and damnation of the unrepentant and unloving towards God.

Since your entire destiny is at stake…… the contents of “The Bible” and the topic of “Jesus Christ” is not simply a way to pass the time discussing at a cocktail party…. NO…. these must be the MOST IMPORTANT to your very life.

If your life does not revolve around God and your love for Jesus then you are NOT a ‘Christian’ …. that is what the Bible teaches…

Don’t jump up and say that I am ‘judging’ you….. NO ….. I am not judging anybody….. I am telling you to go and read it in the Bible and then judge yourself…… because judging yourself is the only way to salvation for anybody.


Today we have churches that deny the working of the Holy Spirit in POWER…. we have churches that baptize babies…. we have churches with a “holy area” and with an altar, accompanied by liturgy and ritual and a “priesthood”.

What a mixup… How did all this come about ?…. and why does it still persist ?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Denial of POWER – humans fear the supernatural (even though they are attracted to it) because it is UNPREDICATABLE…. there are only two kinds of churches where supernatural occurs, those that are deceived by demons (with manifest “evil fruit”) and those that are truly dedicated to GOD (but this calls for serious and LIFE CHANGING commitment from members)…. so how much easier it is  to avoid supernatural altogether and have a nice, predictable “religion” that makes people feel good about themselves spiritually and without too much commitment in their daily lives.

2. Baptizing of babies – a human attempt to “claim them for God” before they get old enough to make a choice… the advantage here is, that the church gets members (at least on paper)… and when the children grow they consider themselves “Christians” without needing to be “saved”.

3. Ritual, holy areas and altars –  comes from ancient temple worship and these “Christians” believe they have REPLACED the nation of Israel as the chosen of God and that they should worship him according to the standards set for that nation… and just like the Scribes and Pharisees they “go through the motions” with no “change of heart” or experience of “salvation”. (Romans 11:25 – 26) shows that God has NOT abandoned Israel and the promises to them.

Here are reasons why these ERRORS persist:

1. Children continue to do (as adults)  what they have been taught as children. (Proverbs 22:6)

2. People want  to feel “saved, blessed, forgiven” and “right with God”…. while still continuing their daily lives WITHOUT the “cost of discipleship”…. therefore “feel good” religion that does not radically alter their lives is EXACTLY what they WANT. (2 Timothy 4:3 -4)

So why would any “born again” believer whose “eyes have been opened”… and understanding these matters… still continue in these “dead and deceived” churches ???

Incredible as it may seem…. God may actually WANT them there… to HELP OTHERS to “see the light”….  Jesus appeared to Saul who was zealous for Jewish religion and afterward he was just as zealous for the new “Christian way”…. in similar manner, as “enlightened Christians” we should not “write off” or “abandon” those caught up in these “dead” churches…. who better can minister to them, than those in their own congregation who have “found out the truth” ?

While a church “system” may be condemned….. there are “chosen” ones within it’s ranks that God would call even unto Himself…. He needs His people to be active in every place doing His work. (1 Corinthians 9:20)

It behoves everyone to KNOW (by seeking His guidance) that they are in the “right place”…. the place that He wants you to be at that particular time…. to do the things that He wants you to do there.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may we be led to those that You wish us to minister unto…. and please show us how to do this for You… in Jesus name… amen.