Gospel message

Just WHAT is the gospel message of Jesus Christ ?

The word Gospel means “good news”… and after you read today’s post you will realize just how many churches FAIL to present the TRUE GOSPEL message !

But what IS this message that Jesus instructed His disciples to carry to the world  ?

Here it is point-by-point:

1. EVERY person is a HOPELESS SINNER…. it doesn’t matter how “good” you think you are…. you may have a lot of love and charity for your fellow man and you may not be aware of any evil behaviour in your life…. but you ARE a sinner…. and even “small” or “insignificant” sins (according to human standards) still prove that you have fallen short of God’s perfection…. it only takes ONE “little” sin in your entire life to condemn you to HELL (Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, Romans, 6:23)…. and this is the reason why “flagrant” sinners (the publicans, harlots and tax collectors) realized their NEED of Jesus more than the “good” praying people (like the scribes and Pharisees)….  human self-perception makes it very hard for “good” people to realize their NEED of Jesus Christ.

2. Since every human is CONDEMNED…. the IMPORTANCE of Jesus sacrifice is manifest….  Jesus came to die IN YOUR PLACE (Romans 5:8)… that you might be ACCEPTED as HOLY inspite of your sinful condition…. but without APPROPRIATING this SACRIFICE for YOURSELF nothing happens….. YOU must ACT upon this information for it to apply to YOU (Romans 10:9-13).

3. But how do you “act” upon hearing this information ? First, you have to REPENT of your sin (means you have to realize that it is wrong and detest it)…. Second, you have to take Jesus as YOUR saviour (means you have to BELIEVE in HIM, and IF you really believe in Him, not only will you accept His sacrifice on your behalf by FAITH but you will also follow his instructions concerning life) (Luke 6:46-49).

4. You pray to God and invite Jesus to come into your life … and He does this through the Holy Spirit of God which comes into you and changes your life….. NOT in “robot fashion” (like how demon spirits operate)…. but as you willingly allow the Holy Spirit to guide you daily in each and every situation that you are faced with (Romans 12:1) you will gradually experience victory over your sinful nature and more and more manifest the character and nature of Jesus himself (since this process is many times hindered by our own self-will and desires… there will be ups and downs…. highs and lows… as we LEARN to “walk by the Spirit”…. but if we are SINCERE about wanting to “please God” then over time we can observe the results (fruit) of the ongoing transformation (through our life experiences). (John 15:4-5)

There really is NO OTHER WAY (John 14:6) …. and we have to realize that, as the future is GLORIOUS for us…. the “world” is going to be hostile, because their motivating principles are based on selfishness, greed and pleasure and we exist as a constant reminder to them that their attitudes and behaviours are SINFUL (and they really do not want to accept the fact). (John 15:18-19)

The “good news” of the GOSPEL is that GOD HAS made a way (for those humans that desire it) to be RESTORED to the GLORIOUS, PERFECT condition that Adam lost when the human race descended into evil and came under the influence of Satan.

Our duty as Christians is to “show these things” to as many humans as will listen to us…. God has chosen to use US in his “redemption” plan…. to bring as many humans as possible to SALVATION and the GLORIOUS LIFE freedom from the tyranny of sin.