Many people find that Yoga, TM and other forms of meditation reduce stress and cure anxiety and depression
as well as solve panic disorders, sleep disorders and lots of other ailments.

So what’s wrong with it ?


First, the TYPE of meditation…. passive versus active…. most Eastern-style meditation is passive as you empty yourself and allow yourself to become one with the Cosmos
…. in reality, this passive approacch of blanking your mind opens you up to the influence of Demons (pretending to be guides) ….. people who practice this type of meditation are competent and capable in life and seem to have everything going for them EXCEPT they cannot come to salvation through Jesus Christ
because that is the way of humility and utter dependence… and that’s not why they started doing Yoga in the first place.
Christian meditation is always ACTIVE…. we use our mind to meditate on the scriptures and as we ruminate on the Words of God we find that they become real…. and we get peace and health from God in utter dependence on Him…. humans don’t want this, they prefer to be in control of their own destiny hence the popularity of Yoga, TM, Tai Chi, etc.

Secondly, the goal is different….. in Eastern-style meditation schemes you meditate to benefit YOU….. in Christian meditation, a person meditates to glorify God and health and mental well-being are “byproducts” of the “process”.

Quite frankly, people want CONTROL of their own lives…. they don’t want to TRUST the outcome to God in FAITH (unless they absolutly have no other choice)

The proliferation of DRUGS for every possible affliction of man has actually made the situation far worse than it was even 300 years ago…. at the first sign of any problem whatsoever
off to the doctor you go and take whatever he prescribes (and it’s rare to ever leave a doctor’s office without a “prescription”)

But the reality is people are living on drugs and STILL have all sorts of pains, discomforts and problems !

Only when the doctor tells you he can do nothing more for you do you run to God ? Is that right ?

The Bible (God’s Word) tells us:

“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1, NLT Bible)

If we seek our God with our whole heart from young…. not only will we be spared many ailments …. but when we are in trouble later on we will turn to Him first, instead of running to the doctor for the latest cure.

peace – part 2

I wrote about peace back in March last year…..  and at that time, I was encouraging reliance upon God in the face of difficulty and decision making.

Today I focus on a different aspect of peace….. your thoughts.

The Bible says, “You will keep perfectly peaceful the one whose mind remains focused on you” (Isaiah 26:3) …… some translations destroy the essence of this verse by rearranging the words….. but the verse is supposed to show that the peace comes from having your mind fixed on God.

People thoughts flit all over the place (much like butterflies)….. occasionally getting into a destructive loop, where you continue to cogitate a problem to the point where you become flustered over it…. and cannot function properly…. meaning you have trouble concentrating on anything else and cannot get any rest until your problem is taken care of…. but what if it cannot be solved ?….. Unless you develop the ability to DETACH yourself from such negative thought processes,  how will you ever have peace ?…. and SUCCESS….

For your own good…. you must learn to control both your thoughts and your body….. and there are many DEMONIC solutions that “successful”  people use……. Yoga, TM, Reiki ….. just to name a few….

These demonic solutions give the practitioners an advantage over the “ordinary” person…. more focus… better ability to handle their body, emotions and thoughts…..  but these benefits come with a price (because of the demonic source of the instruction)….. such people almost NEVER get saved and have NO relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why would people choose such a demonic path over a real relationship with Christ ? ….. the answer is easy…. they can continue with all their sins without any guilt !

Jesus Christ gives to His lambs…. a superior peace…. and ENABLES a person to control both their body and their thoughts….. but it’s for those who come to Him by FAITH and forsake evil….. and people are not wanting to forsake their evil ways…. so they select all these demonic solutions INSTEAD of the way of salvation.

Yoga is NOT just about “exercises” and neither are TM or Reiki …… they are heathen, demonic “spirituality” systems which people choose INSTEAD of Christ.

You cannot be a born-again Christian and continue to be involved in these heathen practices.

“Christians” who practice these forms of “exercise” will either come to a place of spiritual CONFLICT in their lives where they will be forced to battle the “darkness” (demonic)……. OR ….  their Christianity will remain merely nominal….. they  never come to know the LORD…. and continue to live a COMPROMISED sinful existence in this earth plane…. no matter how “good” they may appear to other people…. or how “righteous” they may think they are.

Christian parents….. do NOT be deceived…..  be careful WHAT you let your children get involved with…. you may be compromising their spiritual battle.

I have written before that there will come a time in every child’s life where demon(s) will entice them …. how they handle such an experience will have a major impact on their future…. dont you think demons know this ?…. Christian parents must be careful to give their children proper instruction about prayer and introduce them to Jesus (they are not helpless victims…. GOD cares for children and protects them…. angels are there to guard them… but every child still has a FREE WILL and it’s up to parents to teach them about Jesus and how to pray and how to discern good from evil)

Cartoons and video games are not “harmless”…. many of them have been prepared to influence your child into becoming FRIENDLY with demons, get them talking to them from a young age……  you need to pray for discernment and then PREVIEW what your child is exposed to.

AVOID ….. Yoga, TM and Reiki…..   AVOID all types of “martial arts” classes…. these are offered so that your children may become familiar with demons and interact with them…..  there is a definite satanic agenda, spiritual control over human minds and bodies

There are other, safer ways to get exercise and build a healthy body and mind…. why not take up hiking ?… or sports ?

True and lasting peace…. comes only from the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)…. and children must be encouraged to get to know Him before they have to cope with the world into which they have come.