Matthew 28:18 “….. all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”

So why are we concerned about sickness ?

May I suggest our concern comes from only 3 possible reasons:

!. Perhaps we really do not believe the verse…. we do not believe that Jesus has such power ?

2. Perhaps even though we believe He has all power… we don’t believe He will fix our situation or miraculously heal our sickness… this is understandable …. even though Jesus has all power He did not get John the Baptist out of prison ….. an angel was sent to deliver Peter …. but James was killed with the sword (Acts 12:1 – 11) … so we can never be certain if we will be helped or not.

3. We are in distress and find it hard to be certain that He will fix our problem….. and we DESPERATELY want it to be fixed as soon as possible….. this is why sickness drives so many people to seek God… all long as they are well and things are going fine God is optional and does not get the attention or respect that He deserves…. but when the doctor tells you there is nothing that can be done at the best you have a few months to live… then all of a sudden God seems to become more important…. but at this time our interest in God is still quite selfish because we are fervently hoping that He will intervene and spare our lives and heal our condition….. and sometimes He does but quite often He does not…. and it is this UNCERTAINTY that upsets us ….. how can we have peace in such circumstances ?

In order to have faith to be healed …. you need a message from God that He is going to heal you….. faith cannot float on thin air….. faith needs a FOUNDATION.

Of course in some cases God heals people without them having faith…. they may expect the worst…. but God heals them anyway.

Far too many people believe that the Devil has more power to do harm than God….. or that God will not or cannot intervene to stop him.

The Bible says “Blessed is the one who puts his trust in the LORD” (Psalm 40:4, Jeremiah 17:7 and quite a few other places)

Our problem is the outcome does not always seem to agree from our perspective.

And yet….. and I don’t want you to miss this point…. what are your options ? ….. if God will not give you your wishes what can you do about it ? ….. the point the Bible makes absolutely plain is God…:

1. is merciful and forgiving
2. has ALL power and authority over everything

I leave you with two passages to ponder:

When Job’s wife told him to curse God and die…. his reply was “you speak as one of the foolish women, shall we receive good at the hand of the Lord and shall we not receive evil ?” (Job 2:10)

“and Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceedingly great: YET IN HIS DISEASE HE SOUGHT NOT THE LORD, BUT TO THE PHYSICIANS” (2 Chronicles 16:12)

Clearly these are recorded for our instruction…. just because the doctors are smarter these days and the science is a little more capable of curing various ailments….. the underlying message is clear….. BEFORE you ‘put your faith in modern medicine’ don’t you think it would be a good idea to seek wisdom from God concerning your situation ?….. only if God is directing your life can you have any peace…… putting your life in the hands of man is a fools comfort…. “it is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in man” (Psalm 118:8)

Many times God uses sickness to get our attention and trust….. to turn us back to Him….. if we do not heed the message….. then even if we recover, there is the probability of more sickness down the road.

Many people do not make the connection between sickness and sin….. but sin can, and often does, result in sickness…. although every illness may not necessarily be the result of sin.

2 Chronicles 21:18-19 tells us that because of Jehoram’s behavior …. the Lord afflicted him with an incurable disease and he died in great pain.

My friend, the message to you is this….. regardless of what situation you are in…. rely on GOD, turn to GOD, whether you are cured or not…. put your trust in God because in the end He is the only One that really has the power to deliver you…. it is totally counterproductive to ‘get angry’ with God because He is your only source of help….. and He cannot be charged with ‘wrongdoing’ by humans…. the Bible makes it abundantly clear that His will is all that counts in the Universe….. you exist because it is His will that you do.