Alas,  I am  guilty of  “interpreting the Scriptures through my own personal experiences” …. so I have extensively RE-WRITTEN my posts on Addiction and Masturbation… in light of fresh revelation from God.

Last night, God showed me the lie in my own heart…. how can I be so “DOGMATIC” about HIS ways ?…  just based on my own limited personal experience or viewpoint ?

DEMONS are associated with ADDICTIONS (whether it’s drugs or sex)… and I did not “escape”…. How dare I publish something suggesting that masturbation could be “good for you” when He had to go to such great extent to DELIVER me from the consequences of my own actions…. therefore I repent and ask your forgiveness…. you may re-read the contents of these posts online (if these topics are of interest to you).

NO HUMAN has “all the truth of God”…. we are all learning together throughout life….  therefore we must be willing to “eat our words” and be humble.

It is a serious thing, to promote ERROR in the name of the LORD….. therefore I could not simply correct the posts WITHOUT informing those to whom it was emailed (in it’s original state)

Greater is the responsibility of the TEACHER…. however I can not simply stop teaching…. because God has called me to do it….

All I can do is make correction …. whenever He shows me to make correction…. because it is not about me….. but about HIM.