Today we have churches that deny the working of the Holy Spirit in POWER…. we have churches that baptize babies…. we have churches with a “holy area” and with an altar, accompanied by liturgy and ritual and a “priesthood”.

What a mixup… How did all this come about ?…. and why does it still persist ?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Denial of POWER – humans fear the supernatural (even though they are attracted to it) because it is UNPREDICATABLE…. there are only two kinds of churches where supernatural occurs, those that are deceived by demons (with manifest “evil fruit”) and those that are truly dedicated to GOD (but this calls for serious and LIFE CHANGING commitment from members)…. so how much easier it is  to avoid supernatural altogether and have a nice, predictable “religion” that makes people feel good about themselves spiritually and without too much commitment in their daily lives.

2. Baptizing of babies – a human attempt to “claim them for God” before they get old enough to make a choice… the advantage here is, that the church gets members (at least on paper)… and when the children grow they consider themselves “Christians” without needing to be “saved”.

3. Ritual, holy areas and altars –  comes from ancient temple worship and these “Christians” believe they have REPLACED the nation of Israel as the chosen of God and that they should worship him according to the standards set for that nation… and just like the Scribes and Pharisees they “go through the motions” with no “change of heart” or experience of “salvation”. (Romans 11:25 – 26) shows that God has NOT abandoned Israel and the promises to them.

Here are reasons why these ERRORS persist:

1. Children continue to do (as adults)  what they have been taught as children. (Proverbs 22:6)

2. People want  to feel “saved, blessed, forgiven” and “right with God”…. while still continuing their daily lives WITHOUT the “cost of discipleship”…. therefore “feel good” religion that does not radically alter their lives is EXACTLY what they WANT. (2 Timothy 4:3 -4)

So why would any “born again” believer whose “eyes have been opened”… and understanding these matters… still continue in these “dead and deceived” churches ???

Incredible as it may seem…. God may actually WANT them there… to HELP OTHERS to “see the light”….  Jesus appeared to Saul who was zealous for Jewish religion and afterward he was just as zealous for the new “Christian way”…. in similar manner, as “enlightened Christians” we should not “write off” or “abandon” those caught up in these “dead” churches…. who better can minister to them, than those in their own congregation who have “found out the truth” ?

While a church “system” may be condemned….. there are “chosen” ones within it’s ranks that God would call even unto Himself…. He needs His people to be active in every place doing His work. (1 Corinthians 9:20)

It behoves everyone to KNOW (by seeking His guidance) that they are in the “right place”…. the place that He wants you to be at that particular time…. to do the things that He wants you to do there.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may we be led to those that You wish us to minister unto…. and please show us how to do this for You… in Jesus name… amen.


For people (like me) who are very logical and precise….. trusting my intuition (which is how “we are led by the Spirit”) can be difficult to do.

Time and again I have been “helped in my spirit” by God… and yet I find it so hard to “abandon” my “habitual thinking patterns”.

And yet, until I can be “led by the Spirit” on a more continuous basis…. how will I achieve what God has planned for me ?…. because it is certain that I cannot achieve His  wishes through my flesh and my mind.

But why is it so hard ?… because it is difficult to establish the right balance between your soul and your spirit…

Scripture indicates that we are to be led by our spirits (because it is through our spirits that God works)…. but yet, our souls (that is our MIND and WILL) must still control our spirits (1 Corinthians 14:32)…. we are NEVER expected to ABANDON  our REASON and CONTROL… and it is a difficult balance.

EVIL spirits get control of us when we “blank”  our minds and “surrender” our bodies BECAUSE this is NOT the way that the Holy Spirit leads us.

I have always been a “CONTROL FREAK”…. I have never been “drunk”… I have never taken any drugs that render me “out of control” of my body or mind…. in fact all my life, I have feared losing control (probably because my father had a “nervous breakdown” when I was younger and I was scared by his behavior).

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that “loss of control”  or “surrendering control”  is NEVER what is meant when the Bible talks about being “led by the Spirit”….. God wants us in possession of ALL our faculties…. the Holy Spirit leads us by INTUITION but at all times WE have to set our own “wills” to do His Will…. and how easy it is for us to say “NO” at any point…. and He respects our choice, even though it may grieve Him… and we lose out on the blessing….. my friends, following the will of God is not easy and it calls for great committment on our part both to know and to do His will…. because we are NOT “robots” and our own wills get in the way of His plans.

Now contrast all this with the workings of evil spirits….. evil spirits cannot violate our wills, so instead they DECEIVE us into SURRENDERING our wills….. they FOOL us into thinking that “being led by the spirit” actually means “blanking” our “minds” and “surrendering” our bodies so we can be (used of God ?)…. and when we are in that “surrendered” state… they readily control us  easily (like puppets on a string)…. and we stupidly think that THEIR  “manifestations” through our bodies is the “works of God” in our lives.

WOE unto them who call evil, good, and good, evil (Isaiah 5:20)….my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)…… PRAY EARNESTLY for SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT (so LACKING in our churches today) (Hebrews 5:14)….. believe NOT every spirit (spirits of people… human spirits… the verse makes this plain), but TEST the spirits whether they are of God (1 John 4:1)

So returning to my first sentence….. I need to learn to trust my intuition (because that is how the Spirit leads me)… but NOT with a totally UNQUESTIONING trust (otherwise I could be deceived)…. I need BALANCE approach…. most of all, I need at all times, SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT to know what is “of God” and what is “of evil spirits”.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, I believe through FAITH… that you want us to have (and have already given us) spiritual discernment through the ministry of your Holy Spirit in our lives….. help us to be SENSITIVE to His prompting and OBEDIENT to His leading…. and guard and protect us from ERROR as we seek to do YOUR WILL… in Jesus name.. Amen.