Some astronomer is now saying that a bright meteor is what converted Paul on the road to Damascus ….. how fascinating ? …. let’s examine that idea….

I realize that humans will go to all lengths to “explain away” miracles to “natural” phenomena….. however….

1. The Bible is several places expressly says that Paul SAW the resurrected Jesus Christ AND heard “WORDS” (not noises or sounds) from His mouth.

2. Paul’s changed life after the experience was because of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God (Paul says so himself in numerous places)……. and not simply the result of some “terrifying experience” of “natural phenomena” that “frightened him out of his wits”.

A human is either “Born of the Spirit” (John 3:3 – 7) or they are not……

Those “Born of the Spirit” have within themselves Power to overcome the World, the Flesh and the Devil (and they can learn to achieve such victory through Fellowship with Jesus)

Those who are NOT “Born of the Spirit” simply “play at being good and get nowhere fast” …… the Bible says humans CANNOT “reform themselves” no matter how hard they may try…… nobody can simply “work their way to Holiness on their own”…… otherwise Jesus death and Resurrection would have been UNNECESSARY.

Real FAITH in Christ and acceptance of the Bible as the Word of God (which is what it is) is the antecedent of the “New Birth”…… people have to see themselves for what they really are (wretched, hopeless sinners who cannot satisfy a Holy God)….. people have to see God for who He really is (Omnipotent, Omniscient and Holy)…… people have to see what God has done for them by the Sacrifice of Christ…… and then people have to take the necessary steps (acceptance and faith) and INVITE CHRIST into their lives to clean them up and direct their path from that day forward…… the change that takes place after these steps cannot be understood by those looking for “rational explanations” based on “human wisdom”.

People “bitch and moan” or else “ridicule and mock” at the path that God has decreed must be followed for those who would obtain Life, Light and Salvation…… and set about creating all sorts of gods out of their own imagination….. or else they take the seat themselves, and proclaim that they are god (at least in their own lives).

So the real questions are:

1. Is there a GOD over everything ?

2. If so, what is He like ?

3. What does he think of me ? …. and can I know Him ?

Unfortunately, for most of the population, such questions are of academic interest only…… to be argued about at the next cocktail party…… and the pervading ethos that “everybody believes whatever they want” ….. or “nobody’s belief is any better than anybody else”…… belies the fact that the questions can have DEFINITE answers ONLY…… so IN REALITY “everybodys’ ideas” CANNOT POSSIBLY be “correct”.

The Bible says “there is a way that seems good to a man, but the end thereof is the way of DEATH” (Proverbs 14:12)

No wonder Jesus said (when asked how many would be saved), “strive to enter in at the narrow gate….” (Luke 13:23 – 24)

REALITY is much fewer than half the world’s population are “saved”…… the bulk of the world’s population is DAMNED and DOOMED….. and this “sticks in the craw” of “humanists” …. who rationalize that no Deity would destroy the bulk of His creation….. far less a “loving” Deity !

Unfortunately, the bulk of the worlds population is in rebellion against the true God….. have rejected His Christ….. and will never voluntarily submit to His authority….. and when the time is right they will be disposed of.

If you think that this sounds “awful” ….. consider that in the days when man first invented the color LCD screen…. the yield rate from the process was very small….. I ask you, did the idea of destroying 75% of the defective ones coming off the assembly line cause humans to stop production ….. NO it did not…. it was considered acceptable by man to reject the majority and sell the “perfect ones” at a high cost.

Why should it seem “unfair” if God looking over the whole earth for people with a heart to love and serve Him…… destroys all the rest and saves the few that are “perfect” according to His requirements ? Can not God do whatever He wants with his creation the same way humans do it with theirs ?

If I was a human that mocked at God and refused to acknowledge His authority over me….. I would be VERY AFRAID for my future…… because of a CERTAINTY (you can be sure that) God will NOT TOLERATE such rebellion forever.

The time to be saved is NOW…. while there is still an opportunity extended to you