What is your life ? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away. (James 4:14)

…his days are like grass, as a flower of the field, so he flourishes. For the wind passes over it, and it is gone (Psalms 103:15-16)

My friend, if you have never come face to face with your own frailty and your total inability to do anything about it….. then be assured, it’s only a matter of time before you do.

Recently, I experienced “frightening symptoms” in my body….. dizziness, muscular trembling, blurred vision and sometimes weakness and tiredness….. and I was filled with FEAR…. I have no “permanent” job and no health insurance…..  no “fat” bank account to fall back on in times of distress… and my wife is totally dependent on me…. I cannot afford “sick time” that would totally destroy my “fragile and unsustainable” life….. I was totally unable to function for two days.

After many hundreds of dollars spent on various tests, specialists fees and horrible medication…..  they can find nothing significantly wrong with me, except to recommend more (and even more expensive) tests.

What is GOD doing ? ….. I sought HIS guidance and He is telling me to TRUST and NOT BE AFRAID….. HIS strength is made perfect in my weakness. (Isaiah 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 12:9)

As I practised leaning on Him and silently praying to Him every time a symptom manifested I received more peace and strength to continue….. moreover I was able to function even though feeling weak and dizzy at times.

The quality of my life is greatly improving and I am getting back into publishing (this blog) and  other work for my Wonderful Saviour and Lord.

The reason I am writing this morning is to show you clearly the two paths open to you when you  become  aware of the limitations of your body through “apparently” failing health.


Commit your life to GOD and relinquish “your” plans and schemes and get busy doing HIS WORK under HIS DIRECTION….. while trusting HIM to look after you.

HE has peace, joy, healing and love to give to us…. that’s why we are called “sheep” and HE is called THE SHEPHERD. (John 10:26-28 and John 16:24)


Let the medical profession put you on all sorts of drugs…. Xanax, Ambien, Paxil, Zolof, Stugeron, Stemetil…… the list is endless and so will be your MISERY, while you attempt to salvage what remains of “your” life and continue to function doing whatever it is that “you like to do” with your days…. until finally you meet with your death and that’s “the end”.

Look, my friend, you have THE CHOICE…… on the one hand is GOD who has promised to HEAL all your diseases (Psalms 103:3)…… and on the other hand you have SATAN’s strategy….. DRUGS…… it matters little whether they are “legal” or not…. Satan wants your soul whether you are a “law abiding citizen” or an anarchist…… and believe me when I tell you that many “prescription” medications will turn you into a “WALKING ZOMBIE” just as quickly as the more attractive illegal variety.

Legal Disclaimer:

This message is NOT a diagnosis or prescription for any condition or ailment. You are advised to discuss all treatment options with your “licensed health care professional”.

Sound familiar ?

FINAL WORD….. YOU…. and YOU ALONE can choose to REJECT “man’s way” and ACCEPT “God’s way”…… but every situation is UNIQUE, and there may be times that a “little medicine” CAN HELP YOU and falls within the DIVINE PLAN so avoid EXTREME POSITIONS.

moreover, it’s about FAITH……  and make no mistake, it’s HARD to put “faith in God” when you are actually getting worse and feeling badly and the doctor is telling you that you need to be taking the medicine or else…… personally, I believe that God WILL heal us if we can just hold on to our FAITH and not give in…. I could only pray that I would have (or be given)  the RESOLVE to cling to this belief regardless of the circumstances or outcome…..  but thus far, by His GRACE, I have proved His faithfulness and He has come through for me and restored me to perfect health.

This message deals in “general observation” and “my personal experience”….. but GOD and MEDICINE are NOT INCOMPATIBLE in ALL cases…… because HE is a PERSONAL GOD he will deal with you INDIVIDUALLY…. not everybody is at the same place SPIRITUALLY.


Read Luke 8:27 – 39

This is an extreme case of demon possession, but are there not many other people functioning normally  but under demon oppression ? the level of control that demons exert over a person’s life depends on various factors, but the scripture makes it plain that all the unsaved are doing the works of the devil  to some degree and are in need of God’s salvation and deliverance

There is much to learn from this passage:

1. The man who was delivered by Jesus was not even considered to be a man…. he had been “written off” by all the people of the area as an “animal”…. a hopeless case.

2. Many swine were destroyed for this person to be saved…. and that must have meant economic loss for other people….. they would not be pleased by that, in fact, they would prefer their swine over the “man”… and the RSPCA would not have approved either because “such cruelty to animals”….. but the demons killed the swine so they would be free to enter other humans… they must have found  many suitable persons in the town after Jesus left.

3. Jesus may have allowed the demons into the swine for several possible reasons:

a. To test the hearts of the town’s people….. a man is of more value than swine, even a despised “written off” man…. beware of the same problem occuring today where animal welfare takes priority over human welfare….. also the love of money, these swine existed to make their owners rich.

b. But they should not have been keeping swine anyway…..  who were the people raising these pigs and who was going to eat the swine meat ? … swine meat is forbidden to Jews, and this area was within the borders of Israel.

4. The people begged Jesus to leave them alone and He did so…. but what a sad day it was for that town, they refused the Lord of Glory and CHOSE DARKNESS instead of the Light of Life….. even though the manifestation of evil in the delivered man was extreme, it is quite clear from the passage that the rest of the town’s people were under the grip of the devil and in need of deliverance…  but they did not recognize this and deliberately chose to remain as they were.

4. But Jesus left a witness in that town…. by refusing to allow the saved man to join His disciples that town still heard the message of God from one of their own.

Can you see the great truths of this passage are still relevant to Christians TODAY ?

1. First of all, our warped sense of priorities…. even in Christian circles…  we “write off” certain people as “hopeless”…. neither praying for them nor making any attempt to help them.

2. We prefer animals…. money….. all sorts of things over the salvation of the “worst” people…. because these people are just not as important to us as they are to God.

3. Notice the radical change in the man…. nothing superficial about this man’s salvation… “unto whom much is forgiven, the same will love more” (Luke 7:40 – 48)….  the desire of the “saved” man to be with the Lord….. but it was not His will at that time…. when a person is saved today, the natural tendency is to want to serve the Lord in some great capacity BUT this may not be His will……  for many Christians their “mission field” may be their workplace, school or home and God may simply expect them to be faithful right were they are….. and indeed, somtimes, it may be harder to live for Him among your friends than going to some strange land with the Gospel.

How about you ?  is today your day to meet the Lord Jesus ?  do not send Him away as they did because the darkness will only get worse.

Have you been saved a long time already ?…… do not settle down contentedly (because we are not in heaven yet)….. we have been saved with a purpose to be a blessing to others… this is God’s desire for us because we are His messengers here on earth….. right where you are now God can use you… and you owe it to Him to make yourself available for His service.

Please write me if you need prayer or guidance…. I know what it is like to be lost in sin…. even after deliverance and salvation comes into a person’s life, it is not the end… it is only the beginning….. I had someone to pray for me in my hour of need and nobody lives or dies in isolation….  God uses us to help each other because that is part of His plan…… you can find me at or call +12462304818