In John chapter 6, Jesus fed five thousand people with only five barley loaves and two small fish……  He then walked on water and translocated the boat to the other side of the sea…… but when He tells the same people that He fed the day before, to believe on Him (verse 29)….  they want a sign in order to believe.

These are the same people who witnessed His miracle with the food and are perplexed by how He mysteriously crossed the sea without a boat…… but they want more signs before believing ?….. don’t you find that incredible ?

In John chapter 8 and verse 58, Jesus claims to be Almighty God…. and it is clear that the people understood that that was what He was claiming because they took up stones to stone Him….. however He demonstrates His power by simply walking right thru the midst of them.

He then heals a blind man and the Pharisees refuse to believe…. therefore confirming their sin (verse 41 of chapter 9)

The final straw for those (who thinks that Jesus is a good man or a prophet) was when He accepted the worship of the formerly blind man……. no ‘good man’ or angel has ever accepted worship from humans….. we are told to worship God alone….

The conclusion is either Jesus IS God …. or he is one of the most evil deceivers ever to have walked the planet and this simply does not fit with the facts…

Similarly people today will do anything but accept the facts….. they argue over perceived ‘inconsistencies’ in the Bible…. they reason that there must be other paths to God for Eastern religions and other people who know not the Savior (because the practitioners are perceived to be ‘good people’)

There is nothing that will convince people like this to believe….. they have simply chosen not to believe and will maintain that position in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

This is why we should preach and NOT argue…… it may sound arrogant or one-sided…. but it is pointless to ‘discuss’ certain things with certain people…… unless God works a work in the soul and the person is truly seeking do not waste your time and energy on unprofitable and vain arguments (Titus 3:9)….. there are many questions that Jesus was asked that He simply did not answer…. either He changed the subject or He simply moved on to other things.