Oh… how we value our will to choose…. it is so hard for us to see that there is really only one perfect will, the will of God…. the whole mess this earth is in,  is caused by all these separate “wills” each going it’s  own way.

How did all this come about ?

The two worlds

Between the first and second verse of Genesis lies a period of time and a lesson for the whole host of Heaven.

In verse 1, God created the Universe and the Earth and everything was PERFECT…. but the creature MAN was not yet a part of the scene…. Lucifer ruled the Earth in majesty and glory…. he brought the praise and worship of all creation before the Most High and he carried the commands of God earthward to the creation…. he was created to rule… and from the day that he was created he was superior to any of God’s other creations in beauty, power and wisdom…. some time later…

Spontaneously, within himself, his heart was lifted up with PRIDE in his beauty, power and wisdom and he said, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH” (Isaiah 14:13 -14)…… and some of the creation followed him in this rebellion.

The Judgement of God fell upon Lucifer and his Kingdom….. catastrophe struck the earth and it became waste, void and ruined and shrouded in darkness….. and Lucifer was left to wander for endless ages around his ruined kingdom… while his anger and hatred of God grew and grew until he became Satan.

Eventually… God intervened once more in “Satan’s territory” and  (verse 2 and continuing) re-formed the Earth into a beautiful planet… finally creating a MAN and giving him dominion over the Earth….  Satan was incredulous and we can just imagine his thoughts, “God must be making sport, does He really think that this ugly little weakling creature is any match for me… is He really intending to give MY kingdom to this pathetic little creation ?”…. and he successfully gets man to DOUBT God’s intention and DISOBEY His commandment (Genesis 3:1 – 19)

Satan’s Frustration

Can you imagine the frustration of Lucifer (now become Satan) ?…. he wanted to BE God… and yet, after God ruined his “kingdom” he was unable to do anything about it…. for ages satan roamed around the desolate and dismal earth UNABLE to “fix things” or restore it to it’s former glory….. and now God fixes it and puts this man in “his” territory and he succeeds at getting him to join his rebellion against God… things are looking up for him… he has a “new” earth and a “new” creature to rule….  but there is a big problem though, this man is not really about “worshipping satan” or taking “orders” from him… this man wants to go his own way and “do his own thing” AND is aware of both God and Satan AND has the power to choose the manner of his life.

Thousands of years have passed since MAN came on the scene…. and satan has been totally UNABLE to “rule over him” and organize “his” kingdom the way he wants it “organized”….. sure he tries his best to INFLUENCE human affairs (and he has always had a small following of loyal worshippers)… but the GOD-like control that he so desperately desires completely escapes him…..  the nations of earth do as they like and his domain is in CHAOS…. the “free will” that God gave these creatures, he can do nothing about it….. and what is worse, when they come to Christ and get together and pray then God intervenes on their behalf and he cant do anything about that either.

The sheer embarrassement, the whole host of heaven is watching this spectacle… has been for thousands of years…. and he is no closer to achieving his objective than he was before….. what can he do to get total control over his planet and receive the worship of all its inhabitants ?….. the solution to this question has completely escaped him…. and with each passing century, the world slips into more CHAOS and ANARCHY inspite of his best attempts…. the Scripture tells us God’s plan (and he knows it too)…. but he can do NOTHING about it…. absolutely NOTHING… can you imagine the frustration ?

BUT IT MUST BE SO for at least 2 reasons:

1. It must become apparent to EVERY CREATED BEING that there can be NO SUCCESS apart from God….. and no will but HIS WILL in the Universe… can you not look at history and see WHY this must be so ?

2. Satan started at the top and will end up at the bottom…… man started at the bottom and will end up at the top…… through the trials and the testings of the Christian…. the CHARACTER of GOD is LEARNED….. HIS FAITHFULLNESS… HIS COMPASSION… HIS OMNIPOTENCE…. HIS PERFECTION…. never again will a creature exalt itself against the creator…. and when the curtain falls on the stage of Earth…. the whole Universe will have PEACE, REST and JOY…. like it had before… when there was only GOD….. and we will be a part of this blessed eternity….. we will be with JESUS

Prayer for today:

Loving Heavenly Father, may You be glorifed in our lives that the world may (again) see JESUS…. and give Praise to You…. and wonder and marvel…. and seek Him also. amen.