Too many people considering themselves Christians and the Bible has absolutely no impact on how they live their lives !

You doubt me ?

Romans 6:11 – 12 ” reckon ye also yourselves to be DEAD INDEED UNTO SIN, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ , our Lord. Let not sin, therefore, reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey its lusts.”

We have the CHOICE and all too often Christians choose to live like “everybody else”…. when they have the POWER (IF they have truly been “born again”) to overcome every temptation and to LIVE HOLY.

Why does this happen ?

1. Perhaps the church in it’s zeal to make converts does not fully explain what the Christian life is all about.

2. Perhaps people are only interested in escaping hell and judgement, but not in truly loving and serving God, and fall victim to various popular misconceptions about  “what is the Christian life”

In any case, even a casual reading of the New Testament, should make it clear that there is a major disconnect, between what passes for “Christianity” today and what Christ and the Apostles really explained it to be.

YOU need to consider your life in LIGHT OF THE BIBLE….. and NOT what “your church” teaches….. or what your friends or family do.

This does not mean you have to leave your church and forsake all your family and friends….. but it DOES mean that you should be STANDING UP FOR WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES, whether they agree with that or not !

Do NOT follow other people…… rather follow the Word of God and TELL THEM as you see it  …. and then either….

1. They will follow you (instead of the other way around)

2. They will make fun of you and do everything to  try to get you to follow them…. just STAND FIRM  AND RESIST.

PEOPLE RESPECT those that have BACKBONE….  because most of them are nothing but JELLYFISH !

But IF within yourself, there is conflict…. and you are not fully persuaded concerning your own personal sin…… then you need to deal with that… before you can take on other people.

In either case…. THE BIBLE is the most important and the most powerful book on the planet…..  because it CHANGES people lives….. and all humans WILL be judged by what is written in this BOOK !

If you have read this post down to here…. you have been “exposed” to the TRUTH…. you will now make a decision FOLLOW THROUGH or IGNORE….. it’s as simple as that !