Five Minutes with the Word of God update

Hello Dear Friends,

A week has passed and I found a way to improve the video quality even though I have not obtained additional video lights as yet, so this next episode is much improved and I trust the short message will minister to your hearts.

I know that it is God’s Will that I continue these short messages on Youtube each week…. but do I need to put a message in here every time I upload another episode ?….. perhaps not, as you can go straight to my video channel and I have created a Playlist for the messages to be added to…. so they will be all available in one place as a series.

It takes considerably longer to write on this blog than it does to make the short video message….. but I have a backlog of messages on Facebook that I need to put here before they sink too deep into the Timeline (of forgetfulness ?).

In this internet world, it’s all about the ‘now’ …. what did you publish today ? …. but I had hoped that timeless message that took me so long to write would remain easily found in Google….. but with the vast volume of internet publishing that is going on worldwide the chances of anybody finding an old message seem dismal.

Why not send me some feedback ? I would love to hear from my readers.