Luke 12:16 – 34 and Matthew 6:25 – 34

In Luke passage, this parable is told to warn against covetousness (which IS selfishness)… the rich man is merely looking out for his future and it does NOT SEEM wrong ! ….. IS THIS NOT WHAT EVERYBODY DOES ?…  everybody is TERRIFIED of their future during this economic recession where “business is bad” and “people are being laid off”…. it would seem that this rich man acted PRUDENTLY during his time of plenty by trying to “protect” his future…. but his actions did NOT PLEASE the Lord… because the Lord wants us to SHARE OUR BOUNTY WITH OTHERS and NOT worry about our own future.

This seems RIDICULOUS to humans….  whether individuals, businesses or multi-national corporations….. their GOAL is INCREASED wealth year by year…. sharing is only done along with a publicity campaign, so that increased profits may be generated as a result of a “goodwill” image.

NO WONDER the Bible continually stresses that the “world” and the “church” are totally INCOMPATIBLE….. and yet, today they are always joining hands and doing the SAME thing.

Churches amass huge fortunes in REAL ESTATE… and use international television to MARKET books and “religious trinkets”…. while their “executives” fly around in private jets, drive around in luxury cars and own multiple luxury homes…. and offer this IDEA to their followers  (fans ?) that THEY are the prime example of the “model Christian”… yet NOTHING about their lifestyle compares with NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIANITY.

In fact, their methods and mode of operation is IDENTICAL to NETWORK MARKETING….. they have more in common with AMWAY than they do with the life of Christ or His apostles.

MY message today is directed at those who are financially suffering as a result of current world conditions…. failed businesses…. lost jobs….. savings GONE and replaced by DEBT…. and some of these may be generous-hearted and  tithing people, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ????

BECAUSE loving and serving God does not “guarantee” complete freedom from any and all adversity and this is a MAJOR DISTORTION of the Word of God (Bible)….

We cannot say why some Christians have it “easier” than others concerning trouble, sickness or adversity….. this is bound up in the wisdom and purposes of God…. but we CAN say, on the authority of the Bible, that the “easy” people (who have less distresses) are certainly NOT “better” Christians (more holy, closer to God or less sinful)… although we can easily see why they would be more POPULAR with men (because everybody wants an “easy” life…. it is the universal desire… I ask the question, who “wants” poverty or sickness ?)

My friends, do not be deceived by those people who tell you that PERFECT HEALTH and ABUNDANT WEALTH are God’s plan for ALL Christians….. but rather give PRAISE and THANKS to GOD for YOUR blessings… and bear your TRIALS (whether few or many) with a HOLY and humble attitude…. committing your misery to God… resisting the devil’s lies…. and knowing that your BEST ULTIMATE GOOD is always found through God….. NOT in your own wishes, NOT in worldly ideas and certainly NOT in the devil’s lies.

Prayer for Today:

Loving Heavenly Father, we KNOW that you love us… even though we may not know why “bad times” come our way…. we pray for wisdom and the correct attitude in handling all the affairs of our life…. we know that the devil uses all these bad occasions to attack our spirits and we know that the devil would completely destroy us EXCEPT for your protection… we have A LOT to THANK YOU for…. PLEASE bless our lives and help us to endure according to your Wisdom (to distinguish chastening from oppression)… Amen