What will it be like when you actually meet Jesus Christ in person ?

For His saints, it will be as if….. they have known Him all along…. because through prayer and Scripture and in their lives they have been with Him many times before… though not in the flesh.

For the blasphemers, mockers and scoffers….. will they be able to do it to His face ? ….. or will they tremble in fear and terror.

For the ritual religious ….. will they even recognize who He is ?

Every human being will meet Jesus Christ eventually.

Jesus is the judge of all mankind… and the only way to God….. just as He said to Philip (John 14:9) “he that has seen me has seen the Father” and John 15:24 “they both seen and hated both me and my Father”

There is such religious confusion in the world today that many people think they are serving God…. when in reality they are serving themselves and their own desires…. or worse, they are actually serving the Devil and doing Satan’s work for him.

Far too many people are banking on the love of Jesus when, in reality, they do not love Him…… how can a person be indifferent to the love of God and then hope to escape judgement ?

Hebrews 2:3 warns us “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation”

The very first Commandment is to LOVE GOD….. and the real problem in the world today is that people expect Him to love them and somehow tolerate their wickedness…. when they have no love for Him whatsoever.

There is no salvation apart from REPENTANCE of sin and turning to GOD….. because no matter how much love God has for sinners …. he is simply not going to ‘overlook’ their sin…… otherwise Jesus would not have had to go through what he did and all that He suffered.

The suffering of Jesus Christ on this Earth is the greatest evidence of both the certain salvation of the saints and certain destruction and damnation of the unrepentant and unloving towards God.

Since your entire destiny is at stake…… the contents of “The Bible” and the topic of “Jesus Christ” is not simply a way to pass the time discussing at a cocktail party…. NO…. these must be the MOST IMPORTANT to your very life.

If your life does not revolve around God and your love for Jesus then you are NOT a ‘Christian’ …. that is what the Bible teaches…

Don’t jump up and say that I am ‘judging’ you….. NO ….. I am not judging anybody….. I am telling you to go and read it in the Bible and then judge yourself…… because judging yourself is the only way to salvation for anybody.


One of the biggest problems with the total lack of discipline that children receive these days is that they never grow up properly.

Big adults walking around with the ‘childish’ attitude…. “I want it and I want it RIGHT NOW”

NEWS FLASH: your mommy and daddy might have fallen over themselves to give you your every wish right away…. but the rest of the world couldn’t care less what you want …. far less the urgency of it.

Children who are not disciplined suffer as adults…. they are not prepared for the ‘real world’ of life….. and what’s worse….

Since they cannot discipline THEMSELVES….. they have a hard time achieving any goals…. they are indeed victims of their own bodies…. wandering aimlessly though life satisfying whatever bodily desire manifests in them.

But the WORST is yet to come….. since they have never been disciplined….. they cannot submit to God.

The reality is Satan, the orchestrator of chaos, rebellion and anarchy enjoys and instigates the current global situation….. because when the Anti-Christ arises to rule the world…. things will have gotten so bad that everyone will be begging for some sort of change.

The totalitarian regime will look attractive to the masses….. till it tightens it’s grip on their lives to a point worse than any slavery the world has ever known

This has all been PREDICTED by none other than GOD….. and the most amazing thing is that as it happens ….. people just cannot ‘see’ it.

I mean it is so OBVIOUS…. the direction that the world is headed…. even if you are not a Christian ….. surely you must realize the IMPLICATIONS for your future ?

You really need to come to God today…. He made you and He wants to have fellowship (friendship) with YOU (whoever you are).

Without the peace of knowing God, how are you going to deal with the storm that is coming ?


This is a choice that no human can escape….. a choice that cannot be deferred indefinitely…. and a choice that cannot be avoided…. failure to make the choice simply condemns you to the ‘default option’ which is not in your favor.

but you say to me, “where is the ‘free will’ in that ?”

well my friend, you actually exercised your free will already…. because you CHOSE not to make the choice.

But free will does not absolve people from CONSEQUENCES….. everyday on planet earth you see the consequences of people using their fee will to make wrong choices and suffering for having chosen unwisely.

The most important life choice that you are confronted with is JESUS….

If you accept His claims, then you MUST act upon them to benefit from them.

If you reject His claims then your doom is certain.
If you ignore Him altogether, then your doom is still certain….. it’s the default….. and you have to actively do something to change your destiny.

Jesus was either God or He was a very wicked deceiver….. that is fact….. and the people who heard Him understood this.

John 10:33 tells us, the Jews responded, “for a good work we stone thee not, but for blasphemy, because thou being a man makest thyself God”.

The fact that Jesus was able to walk away from that PROVED He was God …… but you say, “perhaps he was a very evil being with superpowers” …… that wont fly either, because NOTHING He ever did could be classified as evil….. He went about doing GOOD and HEALING people.

Sure there had been prophets before who had done miracles but NONE of them ever dared to claim to be God….. in this regard, Jesus is UNIQUE.

Finally, I hate to hear people say “just because you are not a Christian does not mean you are condemned…. WHAT about all those people born into other religions who have never heard of Christ….. are you telling me they are all condemned ?”

IRRELEVANT….. if YOU are reading this ….. if YOU have been told the Good News about Christ and NOT repented and responded then you are doomed …… plain and simple…… whether the Hordes who have never Heard will suffer the same fate or not maybe unknown to you…… the point is YOUR fate is certain.

Jesus told Peter in John 21:22…… in response to Peter’s inquiry about somebody else….. “If I will that he tarry until I come, what is that to thee ?….FOLLOW THOU ME”

No, my friend…. pointing at other people wont work….. if you do not respond appropriately to Jesus Christ then your fate is sealed.

Make the best decision of your life ….. and respond to Jesus TODAY.


There is this human idea that people who have never known the Bible and been brought up in other religions that worship various “other gods” are somehow on an equal spiritual level with those who fervently believe that the Bible is the literal Word of God.

There are numerous Eastern “religions” that worship various “gods” …. encompassing millions even billions of human inhabitants of this planet…. and how dare anybody say, that these are ALL WRONG and only those individuals that adhere to what is called the Christian Fundamentalist doctrine have any chance of happiness in the afterlife…. I mean, according to the popular view, how dogon bigoted and narrow minded can you possibly be ?

NEWS FLASH…… the bulk of the worlds population is damned…. and the world itself and the thinking of the average person is hopelessly twisted by powerful evil spirits that they are not even aware of.

When I make pronouncements like this people get angry with ME….. who the hell do i think I am….. some special favored class of person… and yada, yada and so on and so forth.

But friend, I did not make this up….. it is there for ALL to read…. right there in the Bible….. and what’s more, it’s not MY exclusive clan…… you and ANYBODY else can CHOOSE to accept and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and join the favored few of the redeemed of mankind….. or you can stubbornly REJECT the Bible and the clear teaching therein and cling to your ridiculous notion that all religions are of equal value (or of no value at all depending on your perspective).

The point is …… if you will diligently study the Bible and earnestly try to find out the TRUTH of Almighty God…… heaven, hell, angels, demons and SPIRITUAL REALITY….. where the human race came from, why is it here and what will be the end of it all….. then whatever “religion” you were brought up in….. what ever “pet notions” you might have entertained before….. you will put them all out “to pasture”…. as the light of God’s Word filters into your soul and you will change your ideas and see the TRUTH…. and the TRUTH will set you free.

the Word of God says, “he that has the Son hath life and he that has not the Son has not life” (1 John 5:12) …… now that’s exclusive ….
that shoots down the notion that all these “other gods” and “faiths” that people have are fine and dandy….. the TRUTH is they are NOT… and they need to see the light and change their spiritual thinking…. plain and simple.

Look at how God destroyed the nations that served other “gods” in the historical part of the Bible….. and He sent Israel into captivity and punished that nation severely when they went after “other gods” also.

The TRUTH is that GOD ALMIGHTY alone is to be worshiped and repentance and salvation sought ONLY through His Son…… because that is what God has commanded.

When humans make up their own religions and come up with their own doctrines it is ABOMINATION…. plain and simple.

It is just a manifestation of human ….. STUBBORNNESS , REBELLION, PRIDE and ARROGANCE ….. and all the other attributes that are characteristic of Satan himself….

So everybody has a choice today….. submit to the rule of God …. or join the hordes that follow Satan’s ways and eventually share the punishment with Satan.

You can be certain …. the Rule of God will prevail….. REBELLION and sin WILL be punished eventually.

What you need to realize is that God has made a way for you to change and get right with Him….. there IS a way of escape IF you will take it ….. so why cling to your STUBBORN REBELLION against Almighty God ?….. Come accept the loving GIFT of GOD this Christmas and start the New Year right….. as a changed individual and one of the CHOSEN FEW…… come JOIN our EXCLUSIVE CLAN…. and sing the song of the REDEEMED