Reasons to Rejoice

The Reason we Rejoice !

It is not that I enjoy murder, mayhem and mass destruction…. FAR from it… I get very upset over a hurt dog, cat or bird… far less a human being.

But we rejoice at the glorious universal reign of Messiah…. both in Heaven and Earth (during the Millennial Kingdom)….. and onward into the Eternal State

The true Children of God ALWAYS have much Reason to Rejoice….. Paul and Silas sang hymns and Praised God in the Roman prison…. with their feet in the stocks and surrounded by rats and human filth…. and what happened ?… the Power of God shook the place and all the doors were opened and the bands removed

Even so shall it be in the time of the End….. the humans who remain on earth will be scurrying here there and everywhere as the Scripture says “Mens hearts failing them for FEAR of the things coming upon the earth”…… and what will the Children of God be doing…. singing hymns in Church and praying for the mob outside….. ….. but we who are alive now have an even more promising hope…. that of being Raptured to the Lord even before all these things come to pass.

So whether we live or die…. we are the Lord’s …… and since He is in charge we can Praise His Holy Name…. even though human “civilization” collapses all around us…. and the world enters an age of Spiritual Blindness and darkness

Yes my friends …. it’s not that we are not saddened by Murder and Mayhem …. but we realize that it is INEVITABLE due to the SINFULNESS of mankind….. and our only purpose for existence is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in doing His work upon the earth….. we are assisting in plucking individual souls out the mess…. the Chosen Ones that He shall lead unto us…… to all others we are nothing more than a Witness… a Testimony… and a Warning that unless they repent they shall not escape the judgement of GOD

Do you choose to focus on MAN or GOD ? …… Focusing on GOD leads to compassion for man but then it is balanced and in proper perspective….. Focusing on MAN leads to hatred of GOD and the exaltation of man to the status of god… BUT…

Who is like unto the ETERNAL GOD ? …. or to whom can we compare Him ?

and what is man apart from the grace of God ? …surely he is but a two legged animal running around on the third planet of a rather insignificant and small star in the vast Milky Way Galaxy…. it is GOD who crowns man with honor…. and it is Satan who treats him as garbage (Satan is a deceiver and liar and only uses mankind for his own ends…. Satan hates humanity)

Time to get your PERSPECTIVES right ..

The biggest problem with the “All faith and inter-faith rubbish” is that it makes MAN too important and GOD too insignificant…. but what do you expect from a Kingdom which is run by Satan ?

People need a proper conception of WHO GOD IS …… 

HE is not a “force” to be used by people (like in Star Wars)…. HE is not a Cosmic Santa Claus dishing out wealth and health to satisfy everybody wishes (as Benny Hinn would have you believe)

The place to start finding out what God is like is the Bible and then start talking to the GOD you find in there ….. humans have been talking to Him since creation….. but it’s when HE starts talking back to you that you will know the TRUTH…. and the TRUTH will set you free from the bondage of SIN and error.

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