Christianity Corrupted

Christianity Corrupted

Too many people seem to think that the reluctance of parents to discipline children and the reluctance of the state to dispose of criminals is somehow an enlightened viewpoint

So now we end up with hoodlums terrorising a neighborhood, commonplace in New York, but hitherto unknown in our island Paradise

And yet if the police shot these hoodlums in front of everybody…. some idiot would want to make a case out of it.

Everybody makes a lot out of the vicious acts of the Catholic Church (which is not a Christian organisation) or the Muslim attrocities (they have no conception of what GOD is like either)

IF people would just READ the BIBLE in it’s entirety (instead of just picking out the verses that suit them) then they would see why we have reached this pathetic situation in the world today.

And know what the FUTURE will be like…. wise up people….. and battle the hosts of darkness….. because the only other alternative is DECEPTION and ultimate DESTRUCTION

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