Word Wizardry

BEWARE of some FALSE DOCTRINES that are creeping into churches in Barbados (and elsewhere)

There is a very fine line between the exercise of Christian Faith and the practice of Witchcraft

In fact, from a purely scientific point of view, Christianity is no different from Witchcraft… as far as science is concerned they are BOTH based on superstition and beliefs instead of sound science.

So whats the most important difference between Christianity and Witchcraft ?

It is, in a nutshell, GOD versus MAN…. the Bible teaches that God is ABSOLUTELY SOVEREIGN and HOLY and man is a helpless and hopeless sinner in need of salvation and God’s GRACE

Witchcraft on the other hand is practiced PURELY FOR OUR BENEFIT…. it is MAN centered…. witchcraft teaches that we (mankind) by training ourselves may increase OUR POWER over our environment and physical realities.

Christians want control over their lives and environment just like everybody else…. and so they are easily SEDUCED to add witchcraft principles to their practice of Christianity

In future articles I will expose the witchcraft in the churches of today…. I can do this because before I was delivered from the deception of demons, I studied it….. and let me tell you I wish I HAD NOT…. I certainly “paid a price” for doing so….. however the GRACE of GOD has been powerful in my life….. GOD delights in delivering people from what appears to be “hopeless” conditions (occultism, witchcraft, satanism, homosexuality)…… DELIVERANCE IS POSSIBLE from all these conditions BUT it is NOT EASY…. the farther down the “wrong road” you have gone the more difficult is the “way back”….. hang onto GOD…. TRUST HIM…. and NEVER GIVE up no matter what you have to endure…. and you will ultimately be delivered.

I have digressed from my intended topic….. in Word Wizardry – Part 2 …. I will show you the witchcraft principles that have infiltrated many churches

Some of you may not like it…. some will make excuses …. some will rationalize it….. refuse to believe it….. whatever…. it does not matter….. as WATCHMAN….. I will have done my duty and exposed it …… in Bajan terms….. I will have “Warned Wunna”

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